Monday, 26 April 2010

Lifestyle Clash: Black Britain Decides

When: Wednesday 28th April 2010
Where: The Medthodist Church

 Details as follows:


From  the farmer in the village to the Doctor in the nearby hospital to the local student working hard to pass their exams; the next election is very important! It's not only decides who will be in power for the next few years but it seems to be something very pivotal about it!

"A coalition of Black leaders including church leaders, business leaders, activists, faith groups, Operation Black Vote, The Peace Alliance, 1990 Trust, Just West Yorkshire, Equanomics UK, The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), BEN TV, OHTV and many others will be hosting the largest political rally seen in the UK for a generation.
Over 2000 people will be at the rally itself, which will be syndicated to more than a million black people via the vast BME media network and other National media corporations.
The main stream party political leaders have been invited and indicated they would like to be there.
In a closely fought political race, the Black vote: African, Asian, Caribbean and other ethnic minorities will hold the key to who wins and who loses this election.
This then is our time, our unique opportunity to have a powerful voice during this election campaign. Our call will be for justice, and equality of opportunity in all areas at all levels of society, not least in education."
Key speakers invited are: Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg

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