Friday, 29 January 2010

Get Better Tip 14: MOVE IT

Find an exercise buddy for the following reasons;



Who else is excited about this? London Fashion Weekend

Open to the public the London Fashion Weekend is all about shopping, drinking champagne and checking out the exhibition. Stay tuned as we will be posting more information closer to the time.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Get Better Tip 13: Walk the walk

This one is specifically for the ladies. Walking in heels is one 
serious skill trust us we known how sometimes that pinch can 
kill. Heels are all about confidence and looking your most 
amazing self. So to achieve this watch the video above. This  
year dont only talk the talk but walk the walk!


Get Better Tip 12: Practice forgiveness

"He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass if he would reach heaven: for every one has need to be forgiven." 
- Thomas Fuller

Take a minute and think....
Is there anything or person that bothers you?
An issue that was left in 2009 unsolved?
Who's phone calls are you avoiding?

Todays tip is on practising forgiveness. We all make mistakes some may seem bigger than others but all the same FORGIVENESS is needed.
Remember also that forgiveness is a process in which you deal with your emotions towards the person or situation. Eventually getting to the place where you can face the future without bringing up the past.

One day we will all need a little forgiveness, its not easy but its do-able!


The Real McCoy Comedy Xplosion!!

When: 29 January 2010
Where: Hackney empire

Details as follows:

Venue: Main House
Tickets : £21, £23
Heartbeat Entertainment the producers of the sell out shows The Kings & Queens of Comedy and The Best of The Best Comedy Xplosion proudly present The Real McCoy Comedy Xplosion!!
Starring Felix Dexter, Leo Muhammad, Robbie Gee, Eddie Nestor andJudith Jacob. Also appearing are special guests Mr Cee and Slim.
The stars of the very popular ground breaking TV series return for 1 night only!  

This night of top quality comedy mayhem is not to be missed!!

Anglie La Mar is not on the line up but this is one of her sketches for The Real McCoy that I still laugh at too this day.


Get Better Tip 11: Body Clock

Our bodies are crazy things! They have a habit of picking up and sticking with our habits. This week give your body a break. Try this out and see if you feel any better. Everyday wake up at the same time even if you have nothing planned.
Start re setting your body clock to known 'THIS IS THE START OF MY DAY' and wind down so your body knows when to 'SHUT DOWN'.


Lifestyle Clash: Something fresh from Mariah

Thanks to Pinboard Blog for this!


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Travis Jay at the 'Live + Direct Showcase'

When: 28th January 2010
Where: Live + Direct
Clash: The Stow at Water Rats

Details as follows:

Start: 7pm // Finish: 11pm

Comedian @TravisJayuk will  be showing his comedic skills at 'The Live + Direct Showcase'. The monthly showcase is all about showing off great UK talent and Travis Jay is definitely one to watch for this year.

On the night there will be: Dancing battles, Open Mic (at 9:30pm), filming and photography

Price: £3 all night for students (with I.D) and before 8:30pm. After 8:30pm £5


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lifestyle Clash: Something fresh

Ms. Dynamite is back with this brand new track and video that's not only going to make you get up and wile out BUT we're sure it's going to be a hit. UK music has made a lot of changes and now within the charts you can see the likes of Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder reaching heights that were previously thought impossible. Here at CLash Diaries we think the track is great and we wish her every bit of success. Let's hope 2010 is the year for her!


Lifestyle Clash: Valentines Day Trailer


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Get Better Tip 10: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Follow Christiana on twitter:
Read her rants at: 


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I'm in 3

When: 22 January 2010
Where: Main House, Hackney Empire

Tickets: Price(s): £1.50 in advance (until 5pm on the day) £4 on the door

Details as follows:

Don’t Chase the Competition, Chase the Dream 
I’m In returns to uncover more fresh young talent from the borough. If you think you’ve got what it takes, visit to book an audition. Open to ages 11 – 19.

Guest dancers, singers and musicians join the show for 2010. Book Early!

Under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult. If you are over 14 but look younger please bring ID.

Auditions: Saturday 9 January at the Harold Pinter Room, Hackney Empire


Choice Comedy Club

When: Monday 25th January
Where: Famous for Comedy (formerly Jonguleuer

Details as follows:

Start: 7:00 // Finish: Midnight

Choice FM is back again with Comedy Club next week Monday. Hosted by Kat, comedy by Toju, Jason Patterson and Lee Kern it's definitely somewhere to go after work and catch a few jokes. The night will not only full of jokes but there will also be an RnB quiz, talent section and also an after party. There will also be food and drinks available on the night.

Location: 11 East Yard, Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town, London NW1 8AB

Nearest tube: Camden Town (Northen Line)

Doors open: 7pm (close at 9:45pm)
Showtime: 8:30pm
After party: 10:30pm - 12am

For more info T: 0207 054 8033 (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm) E:


Get better Tip 9: JUMP

A wise lady said to me 'if you do what you have always done you will get what you always got.' It's true. What ever you desire there is more than one way to GET it.  Sometimes this may require us to JUMP! take a chance or put ourselves out there. 
For this year to be different we must think different, approach a situation differently change our view of it.


The Stow @ Water Rats

When: Thursday 28th January
Where: Water Rats
Clash: Travis Jay @ Live + Direct 

Details as follows:

Start: 8:45pm // Finish: 11:45pm

The Stow a brand new band from London which are a blend of Indie, Hip Hop and Acoustic. They'll be performing at Water Rats and if you're on guestlist you can go for a good price (under £10). After creating a big buzz during 2009 this year sees them doing a lot more gigs like these.

Tickets: £6 (if on guestlist e-mail until 8:15pm thereafter £8


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Official Happy Week

Mr Happy Is On A Mission To Spread Happiness In 2010 & To Get The World Smiling.Therefore Mr Happy Has Created An Official (Unofficial) Happiness Week Which Will Commence MONDAY 1st FEBRUARY Until SUNDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2010.

Stay tuned for updates ...


Get Better Tip 8: ME TIME!


Wear Red for Haiti

All over the world today people are wearing read in support of Haiti. The earthquake that has affected the lives of the Haitian people is still very much in the news as they still need help. People are making their donations via different charities and organisations. However, this is just a one day event in order to cause more awareness of the 'quake and the fact the people of Haiti still need out help.

Check out the Facebook event


Monday, 18 January 2010

Serious about street dance

When: 22nd January 2010
Where: indigO2
Clash: Blessed Souls

Details as follows:

Start: 7pm  // Finish: Late

If you're into Street Dance then this Friday indigO2 is where you need to be. Kymberlee Jay is back with Serious About Streetdance. The line up for the event is great. With such groups as 2XS, Boy Blue and Plague I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Funk Physics (Jay's business) is the company bringing the show. Like We-R-One which happened last year this event is all about the dancing. Different groups will be showing their stuff and shutting down the dance floor.

Buy your tickets here


Get Better Tip 7: No More Drama

Drama free is the only way to live this year. If last year some how your name was being brought up in the middle of every argument, or people were threatening to brings arms house to your mums house. Then start rethinking somethings. 

1. Think before you speak: In anger we can say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sometimes its best to just walk away and stay silent.

2. Be-careful who you are sounding off too: yes its good to vent but if the your venting doesn't stay between you, that person/people and the four walls then shhh!

3. Avoid people who talk hatefully/gossip about others: Yes they maybe your friend but dont get caught in those wrong conversations about someone else. Its funny how that comes back to haunt you or only what you said gets retold to that person you were talking about. 

4. Stay out of other peoples relationship business: Sometimes we get dragged into the middle of a relationship dilemma. A friend calls us and starts breaking down how the guy did her wrong for example and we as good friends just want to show some support. 

Support is fine, being a listening ear that fine but be-careful what comes out of your mouth next as these words we get held to account for. Some people/friends aren't ready to hear the TRUTH. Everyone knows heck she/he probably knows they should leave him/her but we all know that he/she is going to stay so here is what  you do to avoid an angry phone call or dirty side eye from the boyfriend/girlfriend of your friend.

- Let Him/ Her vent: listen and offer your support
- Reframe from using 'What you should do is' unless you know he/she is ready to leave this person.
- Ask questions to make them think: they must come to the decision on their own but asking the right questions may help them come to the realisation themselves. Questions like where do you see this relationship going?

5. Hype people normally equal dramatic people. They can't help it, it follows them like a bad smell. Hype is fine but not 24hrs/7 day a week 365 days a year. 


Clash Diaries News: Apple's new device

On the 27th January 2010 Apple will be doing an event in the US which will show their latest creation. It's rumoured to be the new iSlate (check video below). Only selected Media will be attending the event. Miss Clash and Miss Diaries are big Mac fans so we're excited to see what they've got up their sleeves lol.


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Get Better Tip 6: Dare to Believe


Trans4maz presents Redemption High

When: Saturday, January 16, 2010
Where: Jacksons Lane Theatre, 269a Archway Road

Details as follows:

Redemption High will take you on a journey through the lives of 17 talented students, who all attend one of the top performing arts school in London.

Each of the students are facing different issues that are effecting young people today.
On the outside the students lives seem picture perfect, but what lies behind the mask paints a different picture.

This play can be used as an empowerment tool for parents, teachers, those who work with young people, but especially for young people to understand how to explore and address issues that threaten their purpose in life.

Expect to witness a fusion of hand clapping music, feet tapping dancing and mind renewing poetry, as you enter into a class of Redemption High
TICKETS: £15, £10 Concession

BOX OFFICE: 020 8341 4421 and


Friday, 15 January 2010

Blessed Souls - January edition

Blessed Souls is back again and this time around they're taking things up a step but still with the same cool vibe. "If you've never attended Blessed Souls it's an open mic show that's all about you enjoying yourself with no drama included just good vibes all around. With the host Adelaide Mackenzie and the house band known to the regulars as the 'Mac Band' you're bound to have a great time."
This month's takes place at Blend Bar in South London on the 22nd January.

Tickets are £5 on the door and there is an advance guest list.

Starts: 8pm // Finish: 1am


Black? Single?

When: Friday 15th January 2010
Where: Thistle Hotel

Details as follows:

Des Oconnor is a dating coach who specialises in helping Black Women find and attract a Good Black Man and, on Friday 15th January, Friday 5th February and Friday 12th February at the classy Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch, London, He has set up some Dating Coaching Seminars for ladies in just your position.

There will be loads of single black men attending the seminars, all eager to meet you single ladies.

With a capacity of only 50 men and 50 women, tickets for these events are selling fast, so book right away via

About the Valentine’s Events

The most common question he gets asked by women is "where are all the Good, Black Men?". Well, in January and February they will be at my three London dating events.

Those who attend will meet EVERY man at the event in a fun, relaxed, professional, and confidential atmosphere.

These events include dating coaching, tips on how to find the one for you, opportunities to learn from the men themselves about what they are looking for and much, much more. All this for only £10!!

One proviso for the Seminars is that each Single Black Woman must bring along a Single Black Man. He could be a brother, a cousin, a friend, an acquaintance. Anyone you think of as a “Single, Good, Black Man”. In that way we can ensure a

great attendance of available Good Black Men for our ladies. However, if you want to attend but cannot find a Good Black Man to escort you, we have a list of single men who wish to attend and we will endeavour to pair you up for the seminar. To be shortlisted, you will need to contact me in advance of the seminar.

To guarantee a place you should purchase your ticket on-line or pay by bank transfer. If you need to pay cash, you can do this on the day, but there is no guarantee that the ticket will still be available. Cash customers need to contact me prior to the seminar to make arrangements.

You can find out more about the London Seminars by going to my website on or contact me via e-mail on or by phone on 07956 566 083.

Get Better Tip 5: Be Courageous

Courage is not the absence of fear. But taking action despite fear. This year, this month better yet THIS DAY be courageous! Take chances like you never have before. Enter new zones and new areas that are not a part of your comfort zone.

By doing this you will open yourself up to a whole new area of life that will be completely foreign to you. This may seem daunting but take the opportunity to not only learn something new but you also might meet some great people. Every decision has a consequence. So try to not be closed minded when making them.


Embrace the new

Every month here at Clash Diaries we will be commissioning different people to write as a part of the new Lifestyle Clash.

This month Denise Kodia (Editor of Nang! magazine and blogger for CMyPassion blog) shares her new post 'Embrace The New' with us.

Connect with Denise:

Wow! 2010 is already upon us and we've almost finished the first week.
This first post of the new year I wanted to not only encourage you but let you (and I) realise how much potential this one year has. So much can happen within a year, look at 2009: I not only became Editor of Nang! Magazine, three of my close friends graduated, Twitter became the new thing (i.e replacing or competing with Facebook) and the LEGEND that is Michael Jackson died in June)

The future has so much more to hold for you. If 2009 was (or wasn't) a great year EMBRACE THE NEW! What I mean by that is take this year to do the things you've always wanted to but been putting off. Take up new hobbies/sports or workouts. Challenge yourself in ways you haven't already and see what comes out of it. You don't know what can or will be born out of doing things differently.

Personally, 2009 held such great things for me. I achieved so many of my goals but I'm also ready and waiting to see what this year has to offer. I'm excited to see how things are going to pan out for not only myself but for my family and friends (I really do have the best people around me).

Take this year to go EVEN harder at your craft. Whether it be presenting, blogging, golf, swimming or even knitting. Just DO YOU and forget the rest. If you did the best you could last year stretch yourself and push it to the limit!

2010 only holds for you what you intend it to. Be positive and expect the best! Know your worth and don't settle for anything else. Lol that wasn't supposed to rhyme but you catch my drift:


Talib Kweli at Indigo 02

When: January 31st 2010
Where: Indigo 02

Start: 7pm Finsh: LATE




Talib Kweli - Get By

Details as follows:

Talib Kweli is know for his hard hitting and thought provoking lyrics. Both Jay Z and 50 cent named him as one of their favourite rappers of all time. 

Since his critically acclaimed debut solo album Quality in 2002, Talib Kweli has attracted great respect from both the underground and commercial hip hop scenes; his thought provoking observations, well crafted lyrics and passionate delivery has secured his rise to this year's most prolific rapper, as proven on his latest album The Beautiful Struggle.