Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Clash Diaries interviews....RD official (Ruff Diamondz)

Ruff Diamondz are a brand new upbeat, fun and vibrant female vocalist group. These girls have already taken over hearts with their collaboration on Fugative's track 'Crush'. Chronz, Martika and Troy want to know if you're 'Alright Still' with their first giveaway track & Clash Diaries went to investigate about all this new sensation

What does RD stand for?
It stand for Ruff Diamondz, altogether we like to think we’re perfection with an edge; as no one is perfect we put the ruff in front of the diamond

You mentioned that you like to strive for perfection is this the bench?
Perfection is definitely the aim but we know that we’re not perfect, everyone makes mistakes but we aim to always do better.

How did you all come together?
Chronz: Carla (RD Creative director/manager) got in touch with me via MySpace and then we ended up going to the studio to record some tracks. We both thought that we needed a blend of new vocals, it was like there was something missing. We then had auditions…

How was it at the start compared to now?
Chronz: When I met Troy and Martina we just clicked. We’ve also been in boot camp for the past year so we’ve had some time to gel even further as a group

How would you describe your sound?
It’s a mix of RnB, Hip Hop, Soul and Grime. We’ve all had different musical influences but when we put it all together we like to call it ‘Street Pop’.

How did you get into music individually?
Chronz: We were all solo artists in our own right, I was on the whole Grime thing. I’d be like the only girl in a bunch of guys MCin’
Martika: My dad was a producer and he used to play with Urban Species and my mum used to tour and do backing vocals for a number of people
Troy: Music has always been an important part of my life from my parents teaching about all the old school stuff and it all stemmed from there really.

Do you feel that being together for this short period is advantage?
Martika: Yeah, but I don’t think we let it bother us because we all get along with each other and know each others habits. Chronz is real and hard, Troy; she’s just a mermaid

Wait a mermaid?
Martika: Yeah, she seriously believes that there are mermaids in the world.

Which artists have you been influenced by?
From the Grime side of things: Ghetts, Shystie, Ludacris, Busta Ryhmes and Wretch 32. From the solo artists most definitely Michael Jackson, Monica, Brandy, Alicia Keys. Of the groups: TLC, SWV, N-Dubz and En Vogue

What would you guys say to people claiming you as a mini SWV/TLC?
We’d be honoured; they’ve been so successful and have had massive impact within the music industry and on people too. To be compared to people like that is always going to be a good thing and not bad.

What’s it been like going on tour with N-Dubz and JLS?
It’s indescribable; to get up on stage and have people respond to your lyrics you can’t describe it. We get on very well with N-Dubz and Dappy proper loves us

What’s better being on stage or being in the studio?
Both they both have their perks, without being in the studio you can’t go on stage. When you’re in the studio you’re building something new and when you’re on stage you’re seeing how people respond to it.

Is ‘Alrite stilllll’ your debut single?
It’s not exactly a single; it’s more for Youtube and to get people knowing about us.

What was it like working with Fugative on his single Crussh?
It’s great. We’re so happy that everyone has received it so well.

Is there anyone from the UK Scene that you’d like to collaborate with?
There are so many people who a representing the UK scene it’ll be hard to say who we’d love to collaborate with. But we’d love to do one with Chipmunk or N-Dubz

Follow them on their road to fame!
Twitter: www. twitter.com/RDOfficial
YouTube: RdOfficialTV


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