Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lifestyle CLASH || National Motivational Day Uk!!!

Its that time of year when we start thing 'what have I dont with the last 6 months?' 'What do i want to achieve with the last 6 months of this year?' or feelings of being fed up start sinking in.

SHAKE yourself and lets regain some focus! There are so many opportunities to be had and still time to make 2010 BIG in terms of progress and achievement. National Motivation Day  is TODAY! and will be held every year on July 1st at the start of the last six months of the year.

National motivational  is a day we spend with those who motivate and inspire us to be better individuals. It's a day where we work out what it is that motivates us. We are all motivated by different things and by different people. But at some point in ourselves, we all feel lack of motivation. It is said that when you lack motivation, the effects can be worse than physical tiredness. 

On 1st July, you focus on motivating yourself. You don't need to write a list of things to do or things to give up this year. This can mean spending time with those who motivate you, or downloading worksheets (available from our site in due course) on motivating yourself. 
National Motivation Day are holding a national conference on 1st July 2011, where we bring motivational speakers, counsellors, psychologists and life coaches together. More details to follow soon. 

for more information on this day check out the site here.


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