Friday, 14 May 2010

Clash Diaries || Take your girls...The Back Up Plan

Its been a while since we have seen Mrs Lopez in a film. After becoming a wife and having beautiful twins I am sure she needed a break.
So she is back in a rom-com as Zoe who after no luck in dating now wants a baby and family of her own. With no man in sight she starts putting into action her plan B.

Is it funny? Yes at times. Is it romantic? In a crazy way yes it brings into play 'the one' and the cliche 'when you meet him you just know'. I liked the angle it was oming from as it does really instead of focusing on the man (normally being the commitment fobic type) it focuses on Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) and her lack of trust and commitment.

No one is saying base your life on this film, heck no overall it fun and enjoyable. A definate to see on a date or with your girls!


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