Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Jesse Boykins III Interview

We at Clash Diaries were given an amazing opportunity to interview the lovely soulful Jesse Boykin’s III. Here is how it went down

How is it being in London?

Amazing thank you. London has such a different vibe and energy that I am definitely feeling and riding off. This is my first time out of America to promote my music and I am very happy and completely enjoying what my time here. Hopefully I will be able to do some more sight seeing and really get to know London.

Really first time out of America?
Well yes to promote my music, I have been across America and spreading my sound out there and this came at such a great time. I believe I would appreciate London at this point in my life at lot more than any other time as this is the beginning of my journey of my music going internationally.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I am a great observer of life and that is where I get my inspiration, living life, personal experiences, the people I meet, the stories I hear. Literally everything can be inspirational to me and I love tapping into that and drawing ideas and melodies from life and putting them into my music.

Tell us something that Londoners may not know about you?

Err well I am not much a party person. I like to be entertained and watch performances and connect with the vibe of a night.  To be honest I don’t enjoy the parting scene as much.

Who would you like to collaborate with on the UK music scene?

Well coming over here has been a real education on the UK sounds and eclectic genres that you guys listen to. I am really feeling the grime movement and getting into funky house but if I was to collaborate with a UK artist it would most definitely be Ms Corinne Bailey Rae. Her sound is so sweet and I love the very nature of her music. That would be amazing.

What can Jb fans be expecting from you this year? 

A lot more visual material, I want you to see and feel my music. Also 1st single out in June and album to be released in fall called ‘Love Apparatus’.
This album in my opinion will be a very forward sounding album in terms from a soul artist. I am playing around with and mixing a lot of different sounds to make what I think will be an album my fans will enjoy and show them a piece of me.
 What advice would you give to someone young and trying to get out there?

Be grounded and believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you will have no problem as the world is looking for music that is true and genuine. No gimmicks. Perform, love the stage, reach out and create a fan base. Let people know that you’re making some real good music.

How are you finding London style?
Well it reminds me of New York in the sense that it is very free and people express themselves very much through what they wear its really cool.

 What inspires your style?
Oh definitely the early 20’s and 30’s harlem style. I am addicted to hunting for clothes, vintage stuff and that is when I spend my money. Clothes that have a story really hook me. I like to think some dude was wearing this t-shirt and has a life time of memories in it. That's cool too me.

Has you style evolved?
Well yes I came from Jamica, i was so used to school uniform and then I moved to Miami and they were like 'dude you dont have to wear you uniform here' and now im just free. I think people should dress how they want to precieved. What do your clothes say about you. Everything has a message even your style.

So what next after this trip?
Well editing my video, finishing off my music, preparing for more shows and living life.


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