Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dance || Van Huynh Company

When: Fri 21 and Sat 22 May

Where: RichMix

Details as follows:

Mural Studies - Premiere

The empty space becomes a canvas on which movement is spilt, flung, dripped and scraped.

The meaning cannot be imposed but results from a total immersion.

The dancer stands at the core.

For this new creation, Dam Van Huynh has collaborated with composer Jamie Hamilton, costume designer Kimie Nakano and lighting designer Antony Hateley.

Sudden Change of Event

Sudden Change of Event is a multi faceted production incorporating dance, live music and visual structures. The piece is an exploration of the fragility of the moment and the infinite potential outcomes of an individual encounter. Sudden changes may occur at any time and force the individual to adapt.

Inspired by a chance meeting which created a series of unplanned scenarios, the work explores the impact of chance encounters; whether they slip by unnoticed or leave a dramatic imprint on the individuals involved.

Van Huynh has collaborated closely with renowned contemporary music/improvisation pianist-composer Leon Michener to elaborate the score. Working with experimental vocalists Elaine and Mikhail Karikis, Michener develops a semi-improvisational style to heighten the spontaneity of the dancers’ chance encounters. Set Designer Yann Seabra’s changing structural environment intensifies the exploration of spatial boundaries while Lighting Designer Antony Hateley plays with light and shadow to add harmony and balance.

"In Sudden Change of Event, Dam Van Huynh has created a piece so intricate that the audience can do nothing but be riveted"

Catherine Hooper, Critical Dance

"This company is tight and sizzling with potential"

Emma Stevenson, Magazine

"Dam Van Huynh’s unique use of the body is striking and alarming"

Hetty Blades

Tickets: / £12 / £10 concs

book online or call our Box Office on 020 7613 7498
Start: 7.30pm/ Venue 1 // Finish


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