Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Get Better Tip 2: Cut back

In a world where social networking has become a major part of everyday life,  a social network detox is necessary. Not being continually logged into facebook chat, taking a few hours away from tweeting or twittering and not uploading pictures from last weekends bender. May actually give us all some free time to talk to each other or get on with  ‘REAL’ work and not totally loose the art of conversation.
Ahhh conversation where each person exchanges words that are not littered with LOL and LMAO. Yes words that express emotion, current activity and knowing that you can hold back a little mystery.
Now we love tweeting as much as the next person, but this year lets not be totally glued to our blackberry's checking what is happening in twitterdom (yes that what its called as its a little kingdom on its own..oh you get the picture) and start paying attention to what is happening in our own world. Friends we haven't spoke to in a while, a text we need to reply or a visit or meet up you need to schedule.
Also the side effects /bad habits are not worth the 24hrs a day we spend on those sites. You know the one like virtual stalking looking through friends of friends pictures. Looking at your EX's relationship status and feeling smug that they are still single. Coveting someone's over exposed life on Facebook can lead to you not living your own. Balance is key!


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