Friday, 15 January 2010

Embrace the new

Every month here at Clash Diaries we will be commissioning different people to write as a part of the new Lifestyle Clash.

This month Denise Kodia (Editor of Nang! magazine and blogger for CMyPassion blog) shares her new post 'Embrace The New' with us.

Connect with Denise:

Wow! 2010 is already upon us and we've almost finished the first week.
This first post of the new year I wanted to not only encourage you but let you (and I) realise how much potential this one year has. So much can happen within a year, look at 2009: I not only became Editor of Nang! Magazine, three of my close friends graduated, Twitter became the new thing (i.e replacing or competing with Facebook) and the LEGEND that is Michael Jackson died in June)

The future has so much more to hold for you. If 2009 was (or wasn't) a great year EMBRACE THE NEW! What I mean by that is take this year to do the things you've always wanted to but been putting off. Take up new hobbies/sports or workouts. Challenge yourself in ways you haven't already and see what comes out of it. You don't know what can or will be born out of doing things differently.

Personally, 2009 held such great things for me. I achieved so many of my goals but I'm also ready and waiting to see what this year has to offer. I'm excited to see how things are going to pan out for not only myself but for my family and friends (I really do have the best people around me).

Take this year to go EVEN harder at your craft. Whether it be presenting, blogging, golf, swimming or even knitting. Just DO YOU and forget the rest. If you did the best you could last year stretch yourself and push it to the limit!

2010 only holds for you what you intend it to. Be positive and expect the best! Know your worth and don't settle for anything else. Lol that wasn't supposed to rhyme but you catch my drift:


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