Monday, 18 January 2010

Get Better Tip 7: No More Drama

Drama free is the only way to live this year. If last year some how your name was being brought up in the middle of every argument, or people were threatening to brings arms house to your mums house. Then start rethinking somethings. 

1. Think before you speak: In anger we can say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sometimes its best to just walk away and stay silent.

2. Be-careful who you are sounding off too: yes its good to vent but if the your venting doesn't stay between you, that person/people and the four walls then shhh!

3. Avoid people who talk hatefully/gossip about others: Yes they maybe your friend but dont get caught in those wrong conversations about someone else. Its funny how that comes back to haunt you or only what you said gets retold to that person you were talking about. 

4. Stay out of other peoples relationship business: Sometimes we get dragged into the middle of a relationship dilemma. A friend calls us and starts breaking down how the guy did her wrong for example and we as good friends just want to show some support. 

Support is fine, being a listening ear that fine but be-careful what comes out of your mouth next as these words we get held to account for. Some people/friends aren't ready to hear the TRUTH. Everyone knows heck she/he probably knows they should leave him/her but we all know that he/she is going to stay so here is what  you do to avoid an angry phone call or dirty side eye from the boyfriend/girlfriend of your friend.

- Let Him/ Her vent: listen and offer your support
- Reframe from using 'What you should do is' unless you know he/she is ready to leave this person.
- Ask questions to make them think: they must come to the decision on their own but asking the right questions may help them come to the realisation themselves. Questions like where do you see this relationship going?

5. Hype people normally equal dramatic people. They can't help it, it follows them like a bad smell. Hype is fine but not 24hrs/7 day a week 365 days a year. 


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